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Our English curriculum is designed not only to help our students develop their essential language skills, but to prepare them for the 21st Century and inspire them to become independent, lifelong language learners.
We have established our School-based Intensive Reading Curriculum, as well as Home Reading Programme to upgrade our students’ language competence and to promote healthy reading habits. We believe that students learn English best with a well-structured curriculum, in authentic contexts and through exposure to a wide range of text types. 
To instil our P.1 boys with love for language learning, and to develop our P.6 boys’ appreciation of language arts, we have developed an English Literature Programme for these two levels.  We hope to ensure a quality transition between different key stages of English learning. 
Our Writing Curriculum is specially designed to cover a wide variety of text types across all levels. We also encourage free and creative expression of ideas through Free Writing Activities.
To bring language learning to the next level, different electronic platforms and applications are incorporated into our regular learning and teaching activities. We offer a lot of exposure and learning opportunities both inside and outside classrooms. There are enhancement programmes for our gifted students, our Speech Team, Drama Team and Debating Team. Our boys are confident speakers of English.