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Administration > The Incorporated Management Committee
The Incorporated Management Committee
(Left to Right)
2nd Row:
Mr. Harvey Cheung (Alternate Parent Manager)
Mr. Chan Kwong Fat (Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager)
Mr. Gary Yu (Parent Manager)
Mr. Roger Wong (Sponsoring Body Manager)
Mr. Augustine Wong (Independent Manager)
Mr. Tony Wong (Sponsoring Body Manager)
1st Row:
Mrs. Wendy Wong (Teacher Manager)
Mr. Tong Wun Sing (Sponsoring Body Manager)
Brother Thomas Lavin (Sponsoring Body Manager)
Brother Patrick Tierney (Sponsoring Body Manager)
Mrs. Chandni Rakesh (Principal (Ex-officio Manager))
Brother Dennis Magbanua (Sponsoring Body Manager)
Mrs. Miranda Yeung (Alternate Teacher Manager)