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Our Mathematics curriculum aims at developing our students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes.  
Our students are confident in the fundamental mathematical concepts of Number, Shape and Space, Measure, Data Handling and Algebra, which serve as the base for all their mathematical endeavours. 
Just as important are the skills necessary to apply that knowledge. We train our students in the computation of fractions, decimals and percentages, as well as strategies for estimation.  Through exploring, students develop the ability to analyze, reason, make judgments and solve problems. 
Nurturing attitudes is crucial in developing all around students. We aim to promote an interest in learning Mathematics so that students can be confident in applying mathematical skills. We hope that Mathematics enables them to appreciate the patterns and structures in the world around them. Not only do we hope to foster independent thinkers, but also mathematicians who are willing to respect and collaborate with their peers. 
We conduct regular activities such as Mathematics Adventures, Booth Games and Mathematics Days. School-based Mathematics enrichment materials have been developed across all levels to upgrade mathematical proficiency. IT and online platforms have been integrated into the classroom teaching. Our Mathematics Team offers structured enhancement programmes for our gifted mathematicians.  
Our students love learning and are able to generalise the use of mathematics in daily life.