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Religious Knowledge

The core values of Catholic education are taken from the teachings of Jesus Christ, emphasising the search for truth, upholding justice and practising love. It takes as its teaching model the Catholic Church, while carrying on the traditions of St. John Baptist de La Salle's educational philosophy.  We aim at spreading the Gospel and to lead students to live in the spirit of love.
In addition to textbooks, the Religious Knowledge classes at all levels are based on the liturgical calendar. Through worksheets, classroom activities and multimedia teaching, students are introduced to Marian Devotions, Advent, Lent and learn about a variety of Saints. Teachers also lead the students to the chapel to recite the Rosary and Stations of the Cross.
The school's religious activities are rich and diverse. We organise the School Opening and End of Term Masses, Christmas and Easter Liturgies every year.  Every day, during morning assembly, lunch and before school dismissal, students and teachers pray together. Students are given opportunities to lead these prayers. During recesses, activities are conducted in the school chapel. During lunch, students listen to hymns or bible stories, and in this way they may come close to God in a relaxed atmosphere.
The school also runs a religious group during extra-curricular activities period. We arrange for students who have taken the First Communion to have confession at school during Lent.
The school is also in close contact with the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. In addition to participating in Lent donations, we also participate in fundraising for Caritas and other charitable organisations. Every year each class designs its own classroom bulletin board according to the pastoral focus of the Church.
Our hope is that through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, education can be used by God to nurture the healthy development of children.