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Scientific and technological knowledge, exploring and thinking skills are at the heart of the Science curriculum. We try to develop students’ self-learning skills, to enable them to enquire about issues related to science and technology and their daily lives, and to cultivate their interests in such areas. This promotes an attitude that will enable them to see the need for keeping abreast of changes and adapting to new technology.
The Science curriculum also places importance on students developing positive values and attitudes that will enable them to make sensible judgments in an ever-changing society. Students need to be more than just scientifically and technologically capable. They need to be able to apply that knowledge in positive and sensible ways.
Through inquiry-based learning, students are encouraged to learn about science in the classroom with hands-on experiments. The science curriculum is not just limited to the classroom environment. To promote their interest in science, regular visits are arranged so students can see science in action. To promote cooperative learning, students are also exposed to project learning. To further explore their scientific interests, students are fully supported by the School to join various science competitions or gifted programmes. We would like to offer opportunities to showcase the importance of science in our 21st-century lives.