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General Studies

The General Studies curriculum enables students to gain a better understanding of themselves, their families, society and the world around them.
Generic skills such as analytical skills, creativity and problem solving skills are incorporated in the curriculum. We promote inquiry based learning in regular General Studies lessons through questioning, supporting, exploring and discovering. News reading strategies are taught across all levels.
Project Learning is an integral part of the curriculum.  Through participating in group work, students learn how to collaborate with others, collect first hand information, explore new concepts, accomplish a task and share findings with their peers.
Our life-wide learning activities include student workshops, flag selling days, services for the needy, poverty simulation, visits to community centres and homes for the elderly. Outdoor learning programmes and visits to different organisations are also organised regularly for all classes. The General Studies Club provides enhancement programmes for gifted boys.
We train our students to build positive characters, to lead a healthy lifestyle, to be confident and responsible citizens, and to be aware of global issues.