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Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts Curriculum takes reference from the “Visual Arts Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 – Secondary 3)” prepared by the Curriculum Development Council, Hong Kong. Learning activities are designed in accordance with the Four Key Learning Targets, i.e. developing creativity and imagination, developing skills and processes, cultivating critical responses and understanding art in context.
There are four goals central to the Visual Arts curriculum. First is to develop knowledge in arts and to explore skills in a large variety of media through progressively designed learning activities. Second is to engage in art-making and experience the excitement and satisfaction of creativity and imagination. Third is to nurture aesthetic sense, critical thinking and effective communication through the interaction with a rich array of artworks. Fourth is to promote an art loving lifestyle and cultivate a life-long interest in arts.
To achieve these goals the flipped classroom approach has been adopted in order to facilitate self-directed learning. Students are encouraged to watch designated videos at home and to practise new ideas and skills in the classroom. A school-based curriculum linking photography with civic education has been developed for students of all levels. It takes a thematic approach in which students are stimulated to express their views of social issues that concern them most through the camera lens. To empower students to be ready for the 21st century, digital art is added into the curriculum.
Learning through reading is another strategy adopted. Students are encouraged to reflect on their reading of arts-related publications. To develop an arts-loving lifestyle, students are encouraged to share experiences of visiting galleries or museums during the summer holidays. There are attempts to enhance students’ skills and interest in pottery through the opportunity to learn from artists. In addition to regular lessons, extra-curricular courses are also organised for those who want to be adept at hand-made pottery.