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La Salle boys’ love of sports is rivalled only by their love of music, always striving to showcase their musical talents at every opportunity. Their interests in music is well cultivated with numerous school music activities. 
Strongly supported by the School, the policy “One Pupil One Instrument” has been implemented for several years. Western and Chinese instrumental classes are arranged after school by the PTA Music Club. Through learning musical instruments, boys experience first-hand a rich variety of music. They learn invaluable musical skills as well as patience, perseverance and discipline. 
Joining school music teams, like Orchestra, Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Drum Team, Symphonic Band or Choir, enhances their concentration, cooperation and team spirit. The music teams also participate in public performances as well as various competitions, gaining recognition and highly-praised awards. Lunch time concerts, annual concerts and musical marathons also provide opportunities for students to perform. 
Overseas music tours allow students to gain experience of sharing and to tap into the world of music exchange. Broadway musicals are staged every two years with hundreds of students participating, which have become the highlight of the year. Musical buddies are emerging under the musical nourishment in the school. Students are actively engaged in playing music harmoniously with passion and unity.