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Extra-curricular Activities

The school provides diversified learning experiences to cultivate our students’ potential and develop their multiple intelligences. We are dedicated to delivering whole person education that fosters the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of our students. 

Our students’ learning is enriched and extended through various challenging learning opportunities beyond the formal classroom setting. Students have opportunities to participate in talks, inter-class competitions and extra-curricular activities. The school also arranges visits, cross-cultural activities, picnics, outings and camping activities so as to help students grow into mature and confident young gentlemen.
The school offers plenty of opportunities to experience a wide range of fun and challenging learning experiences, such as assorted sporting events, speech competitions, music programmes, Visual Arts classes and academic activities.
The school also works very hard to foster students’ moral and ethical values. We hope to develop our students’ understanding of Chinese culture and Christian values through numerous religious and cultural activities throughout the year. 
Through close collaboration with the Parent-Teacher Association, the school provides students with all-round learning experiences conducive to their whole-person development. The diverse range of extra-curricular activities conducted after school and on Saturdays, along with the “One Student One Sport One Art” programme enable our students to gain learning experiences in different domains.